Gay Suicide Research Paper

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“Mom and dad I am sorry. I need to die just undertand [SIC]. Please understand and neverstop [SIC] loving me.” ( Those words were from 16 year old, Steven’s suicide note left for his parents before taking his own life, can give anyone a bitter taste in their mouth and a heavy feeling in their stomach. Steven started the letter confessing a secret he had withheld from friends and families for years; he was gay. And though he had tried to keep his secret, he mentions that a few peers found out, and terrorised him needlessly. The pressure of carrying such a heavy secret, and the torment of words and fist, were too much for the 16 year old to bear. Sadly, Steven’s death is one of many suicides among the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual,…show more content…
On the screen a women dressed in a pants suit, straight mouth, and microphone in hand. Behind her is possibly a high school in a small town, or an everyday two story home. Though it's the despair of the situation, the words passing from her lips that will draw in viewers. Viewers who sit on their couches, shake their heads, muttering what a shame it all was. What a shame that yet another young life was taken, a life taken by their own hands. Over the course of 2015, multiple teen suicides were being reported in such a way nationwide. It was the unique factor that all the teens had in common, that caught so many viewers attention. Each and everyone of them identified as transgender, and had recently came out with their new identity to family members and peers.The death of Leelah Alcorn (born Josh Alcorn), on December 28, 2014(CNN) seemed to be the main stream attention setter for the news and media that spread into the new year of 2016. Leelah had posted a note on her Tumblr blog, a suicide note, explaining why she felt she had to end her life short.”They wanted me to be their perfect little straight christian boy, and that’s obviously not what I wanted.” (CNN). Wrote Leelah mere hours before she stepped in front of a moving trailer. Ending her life much too
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