Gay Teens: Accepting the Unaccepted

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Growing up is a complex and puzzling task for every teenager or adolescent. One important feature is creating one's sexual identity. All teenagers explore and experiment sexually as part of normal development. These sexual experiments may be with members of the same or opposite sex. For many teenagers, thinking about or experimenting with the same sex may cause nervousness and concerns regarding their sexual orientation. Most teenagers have been brought up to think that homosexuality is wrong, so that's one of the reasons that teens don't make these thoughts known to everyone. I think gay people deserve to be treated like every other person in the United States. Just Facts At this time in their life, gay teens may not make their…show more content…
Another misconception is that gays want special rights. Um no, they just want equal rights. The right to get married, for example, is hardly considered a special right since almost 90% of the people living in the United States get that privilege. There should be no discrimination in the workplace, in your own house, or even in the community. For example, a gay man could be called into his boss's office and be fired for being gay and that reason only. There are no laws against discrimination. Another misconception is that gays are trying to take down Christianity. Actually, most of the people in the gay community identify as Christians. An additional misconception is that gays pose a threat to the marriage institution. With the divorce rate at a solid 50%, I can only think that heterosexual couples face far more alarming challenges than allowing same sex couples to marry because of networks showing 80 year old billionaires getting married to 25 year old bimbos and celebrities getting married in Las Vegas only to divorce one or two days later. The final major misconception of the gay community is the spreading of AIDS. In the 1980's, it was mostly seen among gay men and IV drug users. Since then, AIDS is identified as an equal disease and heterosexuals are also able to get AIDS and spread it. Can't teenagers stop being gay if they catch it early on in their life? No, they
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