Gay 's Speech : A Feminist Perspective Essay

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Gay’s speech is primarily focused on appealing to the audience’s emotions while simultaneously establishing her own credibility. Though an appeal to logic and reasoning is less prevalent in Gay’s speech, logos is still utilized in fragments of it. In order for Gay’s audience to comprehend her reasoning behind accepting the label of a “bad feminist” in the eyes of mainstream feminism, she begins to speak on topics of inequality within the feminist realm; “I reject the mainstream feminism that has historically ignored or deflected the needs of women of color, working-class women, queer women and transgender women, in favor of supporting white, middle- and upper-class straight women”
By admitting some of the genuine challenges that are being faced by non-mainstream feminists, Gay forces her audience to face the chilling reality of many women whose struggles are not being equally represented. Gay is aware that her target audiences are perhaps either side of the feminist movement and via this rhetoric she challenges both audiences to take into account whether or not this is “good feminism” versus “bad feminism”.
In addition to the socio-historical facts Gay states about mainstream feminism, Gay also evidences her knowledge of pop culture and current events when she speaks on the instance of Beyoncé’s famous (perhaps to some infamous) feminist VMA performance. “At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, she performed in front of the word "feminist" 10 feet high. It was a glorious
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