Gayity And Minority Identity

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The intersectionality of Christianity and sexual minority identity growing up was something that I was sheltered from because my parents are against anyone who is LGBTQ. I grew up in a Greek Orthodox family and there were many talks about individual’s sexual identities and many of these discussions were negative. As a child, I did not understand what a sexual identity was until I became friends with my first gay friend. The thing that confused me was how people of God can dislike a child of God just because they choose to have homosexual relationships. These individuals are human beings and should not be treated as others. In my eyes treating them as is wrong. I myself identify as a heterosexual female and therefore are a part of the majority and the ideal Christian when it comes to sexual relationships. But, I am a Christian that ones sexual identity should be who they are that they should not hide it because it is already hard enough finding love in this world. Finding love and being a Christian as a LGBTQ member is even more difficult. Growing up in a very conservative household came with its own ideas of what sexual identity. Greek orthodoxy does not believe in homosexual is right in the eyes of the Lord. Their reasoning for this is when the bible states that a woman was made for man. My father, when I would argue with him about sexual identity would always bring this argument up. Yes, I understand where he and the church is coming from, but I do not understand how God

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