Gays in the Military

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When people think of gays in the military they usually compare them to blacks in the military. Most people use this analogy because blacks “have been oppressed and excluded from the main stream” (John Sibley). During this time period not only were black, and gay excluded from the military but women were also seen as people who didn’t belong in the arm forces. Even thought blacks in the military had to go thru different things then gays in the military they still bring to question of Civil right. The history of military relationship to gays has drastically changed from a simple exclusion, to implementing the code of conduct and “Don’t ask Don’t tell,” to now finally removing the gay ban and becoming a more accepting of gays …. The ban on gays on the military dates back to since the beginning of the United Stated. Even though it has always been part of our culture it started to get extremely worst after World War II. At the beginning no one wanted to join the military because they didn’t pay so well they usually “received half the pay of men in the Civilian Conservation” (Allan Berube 225). Therefore most people saw the military as a wrong choice instead of an opportunity. The military was seen as such a bad thing that judges “sometimes sentenced young offenders to Army service punishment”(Allan Berube 225) This all changed during World War II because the military saw them selves in a…

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