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The question of whether or not gays should be alowed in the military is a hotly debated event in curnent politics and their are many arguments for and aginst it. these very arguments give us some insight about where our society is going and how willing we really are to accept others.

So now we have two citizens both wanting to join the military and both identical in everyway save the fact that one in straight and one is gay. They both pass all tests with the same score yet one is let in and one is not base on sexual orientation. If this was the same circumstances only on man was black and one was white and the African was turned away it was be racist. If one was a woman and one was a male it would be sexiest. If one was a gentile
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Probability states that there is no way that coincidently the same percent of people just happen to choose to be gay all over the world.

People say that culture or they way your brought up can condition you to be gay such as having gay parents. However, "Homosexuality is also seen in countless animal species how "culture" could produce such behavior is a good question."(Kangas. 19) Of course animals have not culture have no sense of right or wrong have no sense of shame or guilt. Therefore culture could not be responsible for this animal behavior and animals lack the cognitive ability to "choose" a sexual orientation. Therefore it's biological inborn in them. Animals able to be true to their feelings because they aren't bond by any cultural stigma and are completely and blissfully unaware that there gay and gay dog doesn't even know that it's gay he is simply is the way he is. If an animal is hungry it eats if its tired it sleeps and if it born gay it behaves gay. There is no reason why an animal should choose to be gay the only reason there are gay animals is because there born that way just like people.

More over Psychologist Michael Bailey and Richard Pillard have studied identical twins. They found "that when one twin is gay this is over a 52% chance the other will be too. The actual rate is probably higher, due to the stigma of admitting to being gay. " (Kangas.19) For fraternal twins, "the chance is only

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