Gays in the Military Essay

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The issue regarding a homosexual’s right to serve openly in the armed forces of the United States has become quite a controversial topic over the past few months. It started with President Obama’s first State of the Union address, in which he pledged to repeal the current “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that was put in place in 1993 by congress under President Clinton, in which gays are allowed to serve in the military as long as they do not disclose their sexual orientation. Recently, Obama has made good on his promise of “change”, and brought the debate on whether or not to repeal the DADT policy to congress and it is currently under review. If the policy is repealed, it would allow for gays to serve openly in the armed forces; which …show more content…
Now if even one female enters the unit, there needs to be a separate designated bathroom and shower just for her. Now let’s assume that a gay male soldier enters the unit, will he need his own bathroom and shower as well? Or can he simply use the female shower? And now let’s assume that a lesbian soldier joins the unit. Does she shower with the males, or does she get her own shower? The answer is most likely that each would require their own bathroom and shower so that the rights and privacy of the other soldiers is not violated. The logistical problem occurs because a unit of 14 males that would previously have only needed one bathroom and shower now requires as much as four separate bathrooms and showers for the exact same number of soldiers. It costs more money and it makes our fighting force far less efficient. Sleeping quarters for homosexual soldiers presents an even bigger issue. As a new recruit to the armed forces, it is very common to share close living quarters with fellow soldiers, even in non-combat situations. Under current policy, the military will segregate soldiers by their sex and assign a living space, often resulting in either two or four soldiers per room. Oftentimes, these rooms share one common bathroom and shower. The obvious problem arises when gay and lesbian soldiers are thrown into the mix. How will the military be able to properly separate gay men from

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