Gaza War Research Paper

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During the winter of 2008, Gaza came under an extensive aerial bombing campaign from the Israeli Defense Forces. This signaled the beginning of the Gaza War, also known as Operation Cast Lead by the Israelis, the Gaza Massacre by the Palestinians, or simply the 2008 Gaza War as it became widely known. The three-week conflict began on December 27th, 2008 and ended on January 18th, 2009. I lived that war and witnessed the insanity of it. I am always reminded of the faces of those innocent children being pulled out from underneath the wreckage of obliterated homes. Gaza, the place I called home for most of my life, is a small strip of Palestinian land, about three times the size of Miami. It is located along the Mediterranean Sea and the epicenter…show more content…
The Israelis claim that they are conducting these wars to protect their citizens and that they only target militants that fire rockets to their cities. The Palestinians, on the other hand; reject those claims and believe that the Israeli aggression is a continuation of decade long policies of the Israeli government aimed at making their life difficult so to force them out of their homeland. I remember that first day of that ominous war vividly. It was a beautiful winter morning outside: the sun was shining brightly as it slowly peaked through the horizon; the birds were jumping and singing with joy; and the sea was so serene with hardly any waves just a gentle lapping of the sea as tide came in. I opened the living room window to let the cool gentle breeze permeate as I joined my husband for a cup of coffee and to talk about our future plans. A few days before, my pediatrician had told us that I was two months pregnant with my beautiful triplets. We sat to contemplate our next move and what we needed to do if my application for visa application to the USA gets…show more content…
That morning my husband got a call from the American Embassy in Jerusalem ordering evacuation of American citizens. They told him that he could bring me with him. They told him that we had to evacuate quickly as we had little time. We gathered what we can and headed toward the border with Egypt. Then we were transported to Cairo where we stayed for 10 days before we flew to Miami. We could not believe that we made alive through this three-week of bloodshed when thousands of innocent people had perished. I have lived to tell the story of my experience and to speak of that menacing war. Not a single day passes without being reminded of the horrific atrocities that I had witnessed during those three
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