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A supply chain is very important to an organization. It can and should show the relationship between suppliers, distributors, managers and consumers. This paper would detail how important suppliers and distributions are to an organization’s success. And how important a supply chain is within an organization and how managers can utilize the supply chain. It is important that companies such as Target Corporations utilize the supply chain and gain competitive advantages. Target is one of the world’s largest retail stores; the first Target was opened in 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota ( By the end of 1962 there were only four Target and they were all operated in Minnesota.
What is a supply chain?
The supply chain is the
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And all breakable products are packaged in a way they cannot be broken (Riley, 2012). * Outbound logistics- During this step Target’s managers should make sure the received products are correct and ready to be stocked on the shelves for the consumers (Riley, 2012). * Marketing and sales- Managers and the research and development department will make sure the products are appealing to the consumers whether it is through e-mail, commercials, magazine advertisements and other sources. The advertising should help consumers see why shopping at Target is good choice over the competitions (Riley, 2012). * Customer service- this step is the crucial step because this would determine if consumers return to the store. The employees should be nice, helpful and willing to help the consumers (Riley, 2012).
Customer needs and wants:
Target products are appealing to the consumers because they look expensive but the products are very affordable. It is important for an organization to specify the products and services based on what the customers’ needs and wants are. This would help Target gain a competitive advantage over other retailers. The majority of Target’s customers are women and teenagers. So, the stores have bright and appealing items that would make the customers purchase the materials. Target offer clothing and even power tools catered to women.
Some of the problems that could affect customers’ needs and wants are the economy,

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