Gcu Family Assessment

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Family Health Assessment NRS-429V-0501 After interviewing the family, compile the data and analyze the responses. In 1,000-1,250 words, summarize the findings for each functional health pattern for the family you have selected. Identify two or more wellness nursing diagnoses based on your family assessment. Wellness and family nursing diagnoses are different than standard nursing diagnoses. A list of wellness and family nursing diagnoses, from J. R. Webers Nurses Handbook of Health Assessment (5th ed.), can be found at the following link 1. Values, Health perception a. How much do you value your health? b. What do you do to stay physically fit? c. What motivates you to living healthy? 2. Nutrition a. What do…show more content…
They serve as a framework for clinical assessment and can be applied to the individual, family, and community. Through this framework, data is collected and assessed, allowing for the application of nursing diagnoses and interventions that encompass a holistic view of the client. There are 11 patterns, and within each pattern there are four focal areas. When used together, the 11 functional health patterns can formulate the basis for a comprehensive nursing assessment and allow for identification of actual or potential health concerns. These functional health patterns will promote holistic nursing care through the evaluation of many physical, social, environmental, and spiritual domains. In order to facilitate effective nursing interventions, it is necessary for the nurse to implement critical thinking skills. This allows for the adequate and accurate assessment of clients based on the data and cues provided by the client. Provided below is a listing of Gordon's (1994) functional health patterns (FHPs). • Pattern of Health Perception and Health Management • Nutritional − Metabolic Pattern • Pattern of Elimination • Pattern of Activity and Exercise • Cognitive − Perceptual Pattern • Pattern of Sleep and Rest • Pattern of Self Perception and Self Concept • Role − Relationship Pattern • Sexuality − Reproductive
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