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Video Games and Health ITT Technical Institute It’s easy to see the appeal of the video game. They allow us to do things that most people would never have the chance to experience, or something that’s flat out impossible. From the roar of a massive v-12 engine in a Ferrari, screaming down a straight at 230 miles per hour, to the rat-tat-tat of a heavy machine gun, complete with the imagined scent of cordite and powdery, obliterated dry wall, or even directing stalwart troops across a decimated sci-fi battlefield, there’s nothing quite like the visceral experience of a well-made video game. I’ve plummeted feet-first through Earth’s fiery atmosphere in a vessel no bigger than a phone booth with blue and purple iridescent plasma-bolts…show more content…
Many believe that violent video games in particular are nothing more than interactive murder trainers for those who play them. It’s a known fact that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the disturbed high school seniors responsible for the Columbine High School Shooting, where avid gamers and gun enthusiasts. While there is no proven direct correlation between violent media and actual violent crimes, this can’t be simply dismissed as coincidence. Investigators found computers with the popular game “Doom” installed in the shooters’ homes, with “Doom” being somewhat infamous for its brutal, violent content. (Daily News, 2012, Apr. 23) Not all side effects of video game use are bad or disturbing, however. There are even games that are gaining popularity that get you off the couch and onto your feet. For systems like Nintendo’s Wii, there are a plethora of games that promote healthy lifestyles and exercise, most prominent among them Wii Fit. It comes with a “balance board,” a cheap plastic electronic step that detects your motion and special position. On the software side, there are several minigames with lots of variety, that are all fun but demanding. I’ve actually sunk a couple of hours into it, and can attest to how fun they can be. The key with this program is that you don’t really realize that you are

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