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The GE Energy Management Initiative (A) By taking the position as Raj Bhatt, Business Development manager of GE Canada, I am comfortable and confident that energy efficiency is an attractive industry and business opportunity. What makes Raj Bhatt believe that the Energy Efficiency projects will be successful in Canada is that the project helps not only the ESCo, which conducts the performance-based contracting, but also the customers, who are more aware of the benefits of Energy Efficiency project. The Energy Efficiency project will optimize the energy usage, including conservation, use of efficient equipment and off peak usage. Even though the project has required intensive initial capital investment and long payback period, it will…show more content…
With direct-connect structure, the business leaders or functional managers of specific business divisions report to their headquarters in the U.S.. After the direct-connect structure is implemented, it has changed the operation in GE Canada. In the past, the Canadian CEO was fully responsible for the profitability of the Canadian operating division, with the manufacturing plants made a full line of products primarily for the Canadian market with some exporting possibilities. After the new management system implemented, the U.S. divisional bosses is responsible for the profitability of each operational business division both in the U.S. and Canada. With the change in management system, the business development group has changed its position in GE Canada by switching the role of conducting feasibility studies and new market development for the business unit in Canada to the role of looking for opportunities to leverage the strengths of Canadian activities on a global basis. The business development group felt that the change in management system has made the U.S.-based business leaders to ignore the potential business opportunity in Canada and added more uncertainty to the business development group role. Most decisions need approval from the U.S. divisional bosses, whom do not have a complete picture of the business potential in Canada and want full control of the business operations
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