Ge Sessions

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GE Sessions

One way that GE ensures leaders play an active role in governance is by conducting regular annual review periods for key operating functions within the Company, including compliance, environment, health & safety, and people development. This allows GE to create a cycle of continuous improvement at the senior level and incorporate evolving best practices. These sessions provide a vital system of accountability and allow topical focus as needed through the year. They create a singular point of focus to surface any issues, review performance and disseminate new information.

Session/council Timing Global Leadership Meeting January Session D Compliance review Ongoing throughout year—once per business CEC
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Credit risk is the risk of financial loss arising from a customer or counterparty’s failure to meet its contractual obligations. GE faces credit risk in its lending and leasing activities and derivative financial instruments activities.
Market risk is the risk of potential loss in value of investment and other asset liability portfolios, including financial instruments, caused by changes in market variables, such as interest and currency exchange rates and equity and commodity prices. GE is exposed to market risk in the normal course of business operations as a result of ongoing investing and funding activities.
Event risk includes the possibility of adverse consequences both within and beyond GE’s control. Examples of event risk include natural disasters, availability of necessary materials, guarantees of product performance and business interruption.
Inside GE: The Session C Development Process
In late June when General Electric Company Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt announced that GE would reorganize its 11 businesses into six industry-focused segments, he pointed out that the company has
“a profound commitment to investors that we will always attract, train and promote great people.”
His words undoubtedly had a personal impact for the countless numbers of GE employees who have gone through the company’s highly praised, annual integrated business and leadership process called
Session C.
Each year, GE businesses and staff review their needs and
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