Ge: Swot Analysis 2013

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Global recognition & Strong competitiveness
Firm operates diversified businesses such as innovation technology, media, financial services and energy infrastructures. GE is the one of world leader companies in field of development, implementation and product improvement. Firm focus on infrastructure markets because the markets are growing utilizing GE capabilities in technology. The major strength of GE has been changed since the firm sold NBC Universal as know as CNBC, 51% approximately in order to purchase new platforms of energy, oil and gas to satisfy the customer needs in global markets. According to Immelt Jeffrey (2013) claim that the new platform businesses already have earned 1 billion since it has been
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Aviation services and product of the firm are the play in vital roles in airline business which the firm can get more customer because the expansion of low cost airline in Asia. Moreover, economic growth in china and japan also benefit to the firm in order to sale the new services.

Strong development of infrastructure & Innovation technology The demand of energy markets & healthcare is increasing. The firm corporate with new ventures in order to accelerate the markets by the firm signed joint venture with United Engine Corporation (UEC) and Rao UES in order to developing new system and producing new tools to increase productivity to reach the customer goal especially in developing countries. In addition, in term of healthcare business, the firm provides the embedded solutions such as healthy improvement program for hospital operations in order to find the better way to provide patient with care and cost-effectively. The new platform in hospital will be sold including post-services which can widely use in the future(Hurbert, 2007). Moreover, the silent scan technology which will be in the healthcare measurement and will be the major strength in this business to complete with others. It can be see the policy environments which support the firm businesses as below

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