Gee-Whiz Mark Two Vehicles Acquire Social Responsibility?

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Due to the issue caused by manufacturing oversights, 25000 Gee-Whiz Mark 2 Vehicles do not comply with North American or European safety standards, and makes vehicle users more vulnerable to electric shock. A decision needs to be made about whether the company should sell these vehicles in a country where they will not face liability due to local regulations, or take the loss and scrap the units. In the interests of the company and the welfare of the general public, the best decision would be to scrap the vehicles instead of sell them, because this would avoid violation of the National Society of Professional Engineers [NSPE] Code of Ethics and will maintain the company’s honest reputation with the automotive industry and their valued consumers.…show more content…
The engineers have a duty to hold high standards of honesty, because their work affects the lives of people. If they allow the company to sell the faulty vehicles, the engineers will have failed to follow some of the fundamental canons of the code. By allowing this sale, the engineers are not considering the “safety, health and welfare of the public” (NSPE, 2007). With known knowledge that a driver is more likely to be electrocuted, lives are going to be at stake, regardless of what countries the vehicles will be sold in. The better move would be to scrap the product, take the loss, and plan concrete steps to avoid the issue in the future. In addition, the support of this sale does not enable engineers to conduct themselves ethically and in turn does not “enhance the honor, reputation, and usefulness of the profession” (NSPE, 2007). By not making safety a priority, the engineers appear unethical and they hurt the reputation of the
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