Geek Love, By Katherine Dunn

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Many families have different rules set for their children, but they all have the same values. What is “normal” for most, if not all families is the want for their children to get an education and find a fitting career. Geek Love, written by Katherine Dunn, is a novel about the Binewski family, a family that is not exactly normal: each of the children were “created” differently when their mother took different drugs throughout her pregnancies. Arturo has flippers instead of legs and is known as Aquaboy, Iphy and Elly are Siamese twins, Oly is an albino hunchback, and Chick is telekinetic. Together they travel to show off their unusual human oddities with performances. Throughout the novel, Dunn shows that the Binewski’s value their performances over academics and that the sibling rivalries made them willing to do anything, even hurt one another, in order to be the best. The Binewski children take classes that are not geared to educate them but instead improve their performances for their shows and bring in crowds and money for their family. Oly, who narrates the story, introduces her family’s daily routine. She had training in “Elocution and diction, and microphonic presentation” (Dunn, p. 45) while “the twins had their piano lesson inside the trailer” (Dunn, p. 45). Oly does not have her own act like her brother and sisters, but she is responsible to introduce their acts which is why she needs speaking lessons. Her sisters, Elly and Iphy, learn how to play instruments

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