Geek Masculinity And Its Effects On Society

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Subcultures are male-dominated, a space for working class boys to gain status by exalting their masculinity where they can have access to power, status, and prestige. As a result, subcultures glorify traits associated with males such as toughness, delinquency and bravery all the while demeaning traits associated with femininity. This phenomenon is known as the cult of masculinity, which puts females into a “structured secondariness”. There is a male privilege among subculturists because of this cult of masculinity. Nerd masculinity in online gaming encompasses both a critique and reinforcement of the hegemonic masculinity. Female nerds have more difficulty in fitting in because they are stereotyped as unattractive and face more negative consequences in comparison with men. Sometimes women use “masquerading” or creating an online identity that is different from one’s real identity such as gender or race. Girls are considered marginalized and consuming fans of media, which is also a case for “structured secondariness”. However, subcultures such as Riot Grrrls challenged this by using their participation in subcultures as an opportunity for them to subvert gender norms and defying the standards of beauty and feminine ideals. Moreover, Riot Grrrls embraced feminist ideals wherein they challenge patriarchy and gender oppression. They combined “girlish aesthetic” with expressions of “rage, bitterness and political acuity”. They reclaimed the term “girl” as a political identity…
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