Geely Swot Analysis

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GEELY Natalia Rojas Morales 500636685 International Business and Languages Hogeschool van Amsterdam International Orientation Excellence program 25 April 2012 INDEX Introduction 3 Problem definition 4 Current Situation 4 About Geely 4 Exports 5 Geely’s organizational structure 5 INTERNAL ANALYSIS 5 EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 7 SWOT ANALYSIS 8 RECOMMENDATIONS 9 BIBLIOGRAPHY 10 NTRODUCTION This report is an analysis of a Chinese company called Geely which has had an excellent progress during the last years in the Asian automobile market. In this report we analyze if Geely could be successful on the Indian market or not. We are looking for the internal and external characteristics of Geely and…show more content…
Geely Holding Group is Geely’s ultimate parental company and is an independent privately owned firm registered in the People’s Republic of China. Geely Automobile Holdings is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Geely Automobile Holdings is responsible for operating Geely’s automotive business and is a fully integrated car manufacturer with independent research and design for vehicles, engines, transmissions and hybrid technologies. Geely Automobile Holdings has established strong international partnerships and also made a variety of international investments including: * The establishment of Shanghai LTI Automobile Components Co., Ltd. in 2007, a joint venture with Manganese Bronze Holdings who are the makers of the iconic London Taxi. * The acquisition in 2009 of Drivetrain Systems International Pty Ltd, a leading global transmission developer headquartered in Australia. INTERNAL ANALYSIS According to GEELY (2011) Geely has a very good position regarding brands and network. They have established a complete domestic sales network containing around 1,000 4S dealers and service stations, nearly 200 sales and services outlet and a first-class call center offering 24-hour services to customers in China. Geely is also in a very good position against competitors having in mind that they are in the top ten of China, which is one

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