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Case Study: Geico

Assignment 1: Case Study GEICO
HRM 533
Linda Matthews
April 28, 2013
Dr. Jean Gordon

Case Study : Geico 1

1. Determine which facets of the Geico total rewards program align with the five (5) top advantages of a total rewards program outlined in Chapter 2 of the textbook and discuss your reasoning. Geico offers a variety of benefits programs just to name a few would be: medical, dental and vision coverage. This program also includes work/life balance programs and physical fitness program (

Geico believes in benefiting their employees’ life long learning and encouraging their employees to continue to
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Recommend two (2) areas for improvement. *Employees should be given a confidential employee survey about the total rewards package. *Employee should be able to discuss the total reward package to Geico, for employees want to be heard. Employees expect something to happen once they share their opinions with management. They like being part of the conversation and seeing action from their feedback (Talent Management, 2012, pg. 28).

*From these confidential surveys Geico should be better able to improve these programs. Case Study: Geico 4

4. Assuming employees are unhappy with the current plan, offer two (2) improvements or or changes to Geico’s total rewards program. * Geico need to continue to enhance its total reward packages by having effective training, more seminars, regular meeting with employees pertaining to the existing total reward package. *Geico should continue to improve their total reward packages to meet everyone needs in order to keep the employees happy. *Geico must improve and continue to strive for new total reward packages or upgrade the total reward packages they have. 5. Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and Other websites do not qualify as academic resources. Workplace: Planting the seeds
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