Geico 's Core Values Of Integrity, Service, And Growth

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I like to think that I exemplify GEICO’s core values of integrity, service, and growth in many ways. Since I believe that each truly goes hand in hand with the other, I feel it’s important to gain an understanding of each individually as a way to gain the ability to practice each one. Gaining an understanding of each individually also helps one to show others how they can choose to take on these values, too. Among values that one should hold close to them, integrity, service, and growth are among the most important, to me. In my everyday life, I exemplify integrity by consistently following my moral or ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances. To me, having integrity means that I am are true to myself and would do nothing that demeans or dishonors me. I keep your promises even if it takes extra effort. I work when I am supposed to and save socializing, snacking, searching the Internet and personal phone calls for break time. I show respect to coworkers with appropriate conversation and empathy. I am responsible, and I do what I say I will do. Similarly, I exemplify service first and foremost by valuing service. I value it because not only have I been on the receiving end of service, but also the giving end of the spectrum, and I value the feeling I can receive when I am able to help someone in an endeavor. I personally receive the best feeling when I’m helping someone and we are both aware that I cannot gain anything materialistic from my

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