Geico's Modified Rhetorical Approach

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Geico’s Modified Rhetorical Approach Geico Insurance Company is known for using humorous and absurd mascots as a main selling point in their advertisements. Mascots that Geico has used in the past include the infamous Geico gecko, with the mysterious accent and the Geico caveman who seemed to be a jack-of-all-trades. Geico has recently taken a new approach to advertising their insurance. Authors of Geico commercials have recently introduced their newest mascot, Mike McGlone, a well-known actor, to play the role of pompous reporter. Through the use of their new character, Geico is able to able to reach their target audience of anyone that is uninsured by Geico. Geicos new technique of advertising is based on a heavy use of the pathos appeal to play on the audience’s emotions while using lesser amounts of ethical and logical appeals. This new strategy has proven to be a very effective method of marketing. The Geico commercial takes place in a dentist’s office where a dentist is performing a cleaning for a patient while watching television. When a Geico Commercial appears on the TV, the dentist is seemed surprised to hear that, “15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance”. The patient in the room responded as if the information was common knowledge and that a majority of people would be aware of Geico’s 15-minute ad. The patient comment acted as a confirmation to validate Geico’s mission statement. The educated dentist felt foolish in front of his patient

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