Geisel Personal Statement

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I have a strong interest in Geisel School of Medicine because of Geisel’s unique learning environment and its various opportunities for me to contributing back to the community.

First, my goals and values closely match Geisel’s Vision and Values – creating a diverse and inclusive community. Similar to Geisel, my undergraduate school (Oberlin College) shares similar values; such as it highly supports minority and LGBTQ rights. The atmosphere at Oberlin guided me to be more open-minded and to never judge people who are different from me. Thus, I believe the even more enriched and inclusive environment at Geisel can certainly help me achieve my personal goals and become more innovative and supportive.

Studying at a liberal arts college, I learned not only about biomedical sciences, but also about a wide range of classes, such as math, computer, language, history, music, which prepares me to live a meaningful and passionate life, instead of merely to earn a living. Thus, I really appreciate Geisel’s “complete physician” education. At Geisel, besides mastering my textbooks, I will have the opportunities to really learn how to
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The connections between students and teacher can definitely help us to learn better. Therefore, I believe Geisel is a perfect place, combining learning and practicing, for me to pursue medicine.

Besides benefiting from Geisel’s diverse and enriched community, I can also contribute to the diversity and make the community a better place.

Academically, I love explaining and elaborating concepts to my peers, either through casual meetings or through a formal tutoring program, like what Geisel offers. By teaching, I can not only help others, but also learn much better than studying alone. I’m also looking forward to participate in the “Partners in Health Education” program or the “Health Education and Rescue Training (HEART)” program, where I can spread health related knowledge to the
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