Gen/105 Week 9 Student Survival Guide

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Achieving my education goals has been made easier thanks to the educational resources provided to me by Axia College. There are many different types of programs available to me to assist in achieving success. Those programs are found in the Center for Writing Excellence which is located in the student library. The first of these services available in the Center for Writing Excellence is Write Point. This program allows me to submit my papers for review before I turn them in. During this review the program provides feedback on basic grammar usage and also provides suggestions on how to make the writing better. This is a wonderful tool for someone who has weak grammar skills. Next is the Plagiarism Checker. This program lives up to it…show more content…
In order to master this skill I need to remember to use the SQ3R study technique. SQ3R stands for survey, question, read, recite and review. By surveying before I read it gives me an idea of what I am going to be reading about which will prepare my mind for what it is about take in. Asking questions and then answering them as I read will help information stick in my mind. When I read something, I need to remember not to get frustrated because I’m obviously not going to remember everything the first time. It’s okay to have to read things more than once. Also if I recite and review things over and over it will help me retain information as well. The more I use the SQ3R study technique the more comfortable I will become in reading. By doing this routinely it should help me improve my study skills and my academic success. Identifying my learning style has allowed me to make more effective decision in choosing learning strategies. By identifying my personality type has helped me evaluate the way I react to people and situations. There are two assessments available to help figure out your learning style and personality. The first is Multiple Pathways to Learning which is based on Professor Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory that focuses on peoples learning strengths and preferences. The second is The Personality Spectrum based on the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory which identifies which personality

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