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The Internet age has caused academic institutions and students to rethink academic integrity. College and university administrators have created new policies, codes of conduct, and training programs to counteract the negative impact of the Internet. Several online resources have been created to allow students to check for plagiarism yet the problem persists. Academic dishonesty in all forms was not created by the Internet, but has always existed. Students can employ several strategies to avoid academic dishonesty. Academic integrity or dishonesty remains the choice of each individual student Academic Integrity in the Internet Age Student Name University of Phoenix GEN/200…show more content…
Due to the Internet academic plagiarism has become the most common and serious problem in school of all levels. “In Roget’s Thesaurus plagiarism comes under theft, and there’s little sympathy for those accused of stealing other people’s work and presenting it as their own” (Revell, 2006). Plagiarism is on the rise in academia due to two main reasons. One of the reasons is because students do not know how to cite sources and references properly, or students do not fully understand what constitutes plagiarism. In addition, many students do not know they can also plagiarize against themselves. Self-plagiarism or double dipping occurs when students use the same paper that he or she had submitted for another class without the proper citation of the original work (University of Phoenix, 2009). Therefore, when a student plagiarizes his or her paper it is equivalent to committing theft. Fabricating Fabrication is another form of academic dishonesty that most students are not aware of. According to the student code of academic integrity of University of Phoenix, fabrication is defined as “falsification or invention of any information, citation, data, or document” (University of Phoenix, 2009) Students can fabricate their paper by making up citations and references. Moreover, adding or taking away another person’s words, numbers, or original ideas also constitutes in fabrication. At its core, fabricating is lying and like cheating and plagiarizing

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