Gen 200 Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility and College Success

Charles Roberts Jr.


May 3, 2013
Ms. LaTaunya Howard

Personal Responsibility and College Success

Personal responsibility requires one to accept that every action, thought, decision, victory, and defeat in life ultimately is reliant upon and impacts them directly. When an individual accepts personal responsibility to be a college student, they are making a commitment to themself and taking ownership of their goals and ambitions. Personal responsibility and college success are closely related because as a student, the individual ultimately controls their college success. Developing a preliminary plan for college success and applying personal responsibility in
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So, having that motivation to succeed is the most important reason an individual has to be personally responsible and has college success. My Preliminary Plan to Practice Personal Responsibility in My Education The preliminary plan for personal responsibility in my education is to be prepared and use all of my resources. This preparation includes talking with my family about ways they can help me balance household, work, and school obligations. The importance of time management cannot be understated; I will need to schedule chunks of time to devote to schoolwork in a place where I will not be interrupted. Macan, Shahani, Dipboye, and Phillips (1990) state that “time-management consists of three factors: (1) the setting of goals and priorities, (2) the mechanics of time management (e.g., making lists, scheduling), and (3) a preference for organization.” Additionally, the utilization of an electronic calendar is a major tool to assist me and keep me on schedule. I can very much plan out the day on my blackberry, or in outlook, and set schedules, set reminders, add due dates for assignments to make sure I meet those due dates. Personal responsibility goes hand-in-hand with this because I basically have my personal, professional, and school calendar all in one place. Many articles have been written in business journals about the success of having an electronic calendar. I believe knowing these things in the preliminary plan stages of my

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