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Academic Success

Answer each question below in at least 75 words per question, reflecting on your current abilities, and identify resources to strengthen your skills. Refer to the videos, readings, and other weekly assignments to help you compose your answers.

|Question |Your reflection |
|How would you define academic readiness? |academic readiness is someone who understands, or is striving |
| |to understand the topic of study. Someone who is academically |
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I couldn’t think of myself as one of them. The only |
| |way I have learned up tip now has been visually, auditory, and |
| |during some type of movement or collaboration. When I combine |
| |all three I get more out of the lesson than I would if i was |
| |only one. |
|What are two obstacles you might need to overcome (refer to |From taking the Life Factors and Personality Assessments, I |
|your Life Factors and personality assessments)? |will have to say the two obstacles I will have to overcome will|
| |have to be procrastination and resources. Since I do have so |
| |much to do, I can’t really get my mind to stay focused on |
| |things to long. |
|What strategies can you use to overcome these obstacles and be |My strategies will be to use the time management skills. I’m |
|successful? |going to use the
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