Gen 480: Case Study Assignment Essay

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Running Header: Case Study Assignment

Case Study Assignment

Part One:

1. Assumptions:

Kelly: Chief Engineer of Product Software

➢ Marketing people don’t seem to have any understanding of – just throwing away money at a problem doesn’t make it go away

➢ Believes that the only feature they can work with is identifying customers through retinal scanning; no other features can be produced

➢ The numbers that they came up with he feels are very optimistic

➢ That Pat shows a complete lack of knowledge of how the product actually works

➢ Assumes the Program is not going to work

➢ Assumes Pat went behind his back and talked to his programmers

➢ That the product can not be completed in 6
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Kelly Thomas ➢ Sound and logical: Kelly is right about the manpower of the company is weak due to the recent cutbacks. The man power is not strong enough to run the product line and produce the finished product on time.
Chris Martinas ➢ Sound and Logical: Chris’ argument is valid because the company needs to cut the budget by 15% in order to stay afloat. By producing a new and innovative product this will help to keep the company in business.
4. Describe specific fallacious arguments and identify the people who hold them. ➢ Ad hominem: Kelly: “To do what, argue again”? ; This statement made by Kelly to Pat when asked when was a good time to meet, by Pat. ➢ Ad hominem: Pat: “BTW I know what QC means; I don’t appreciate the snide remarks”. ➢ Slippery Slope: BTW don’t go behind my back to talk to my programmers, they have enough to do than dealing with you: This was said in an email from Kelly to Pat. ➢ Slippery Slope: “Never mind I will get this done without you. All you want to do is the same old things the same old way and CYA in the process, I don’t need this”. This statement was made by Pat to Kelly because Pat was very furious with Kelly. The emails just kept

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