Essay on Gen Y in the Workplace

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Introduction Generation Y, or Millennials, as they’re also known, are rapidly becoming part of the present workforce. They’re individuals who were born approximately between 1980 and 2000. They’re described as independent, optimistic, highly educated, goal oriented, technologically savvy, and ethnically diverse. They’re also highly collaborative, expect instant gratification, and believe work should be fun and challenging. Given these characteristics, what strategies should companies utilize to retain these young workers? The objective of this research paper is to provide company executives or anyone interested in the topic with information on how to effectively manage Generation Y employees in order to motivate them to stay with a…show more content…
This source came from the Business Search Complete Database of Montgomery College library and therefore it is reputable. The author’s essential thesis is that Generation Y will expect new collaboration technologies from their employers. Her advocacy position is that companies need to integrate new technology tools to be able to attract and retain the new workforce. This source provides an overview of how some companies are integrating new technologies in order to meet the demands of their younger employees. The reason why I chose this source is because the author has researched the topic carefully and has included accounts from company executives, such as Chris Scalet and David Berry, who have adopted new collaboration technologies in order to retain their young employees. Buono, A.F., Nurick, A.J. (2008) Reaching Your Next Generation of Employees. Federal Ethics Report, 15(9), 1-4. Retrieved from Anthony F. Buono is Professor of Management and Sociology and Founding Coordinator of the Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility at Bentley College. Aaron J. Nurick is Professor of Management and Psychology at Bentley College, Waltham, MA. He held the Wilder Teaching Professorship for five years and he is a recipient of the Adamia Award for Excellence in Teaching at Bentley College. According to its website, Federal Ethics Report is a monthly
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