Gen200 Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Academic Success xxxx University of Phoenix GEN200 – Foundations for General Education xxxx xxxx Academic Success Technology and industry is growing at an ever increasing rate, and each year there are new devices or concepts adopted by business wanting to be on the cutting edge. Workers and leaders also need to stay on the cutting edge as well if they desire to excel in their careers. Often, this means that the working adult will return to a learning environment to earn a certification or degree in their field. Returning to school can be tough in these economically changing times; however, successful adult students will establish clear educational goals to gain higher responsibility and pay increases in their current…show more content…
These smaller goals can span any amount of time, short-term or long-term (Massey, 2014). Having smaller sub-goals will help make the main goal appear more achievable, and celebrating the completion of each of these sub-goals will serve as a catalyst to keep the student excited and motivated as they continue along their educational journey (Williams, 2014). By not setting smaller goals and missing larger goals, students will get discouraged and feel like failures (Williams, 2011). To travel more smoothly along their educational journey, it is also helpful to students to have a good understanding of their personal learning style. For example, I have discovered that I learn best by reading, audio or demonstrational video. In sitting through a lecture, I find myself easily distracted by the presenter’s mannerism or style. Having good reading resources, listening to recorded lectures, or viewing technical videos allows me to productively maintain my focus. Others may not be as comfortable with reading, and would prefer learning in a live lecture environment. Knowing their learning style and using it to their advantage will provide the student with the assurance that they will learn productively and stay on track with their goals. An excellent approach toward reaching educational goals is to utilize the many rich resources available to college students today. These resources can be both internal and external to the school environment. Using any or all of these

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