Gender : A Part Of The Gender Subculture

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Girls wake up, brush their teeth, comb their hair and then put their face on. Why do they do this? Is it to impress a guy, feel good about themselves or because society makes them do it? Females are a part of the gender subculture. A subculture is a group of people, within a larger group of people, who share a common interest or belief. Gender is a subculture in today’s society, especially since most people identify with a gender. First off, there are many different kinds of makeup. There is foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow etc. Every girl wears a different amount of makeup. While walking around campus at Michigan State University, I observed many female students’ faces and saw if and how much makeup they were wearing. There were 3 very different, but most popular types of makeup wearing. The first group was the girls who wore no makeup. The second group was the girls who wore foundation, powder, mascara and light lipstick. The third group was the girls who wore a lot of foundation, powder, mascara, dark red lipstick, very thick eyeliner, and colorful eye shadow. The second group happened to be the most common out of the 3 different groups. At a young age, girls watch television and movies and see the female characters all dressed up with their makeup and hair done. Meanwhile, boy’s characters are usually shown as athletic or hardworking. My younger cousins love the movie Frozen and always talk about wanting to be Elsa because she is pretty. In this…
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