Gender Advancements During The Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance was a time of enlightenment and discovery around the world. There were many advancements in culture, art, and science. An interesting area to look at for this period would be the advancements made based on gender. Historically, women do not always have a significant impact on their culture, and they do not always have the same standing as their male counterparts. Margaret L. King and Joan Kelly-Gadol delve deeper into the issue of gender advancements during the Renaissance when they analyze the issue of whether women and men benefitted equally during this period. Margaret L. King takes the stance that women advanced just as much as men. She begins her argument by mentioning quite a few heroines of the time such as: Joan of Arc, Caterina Sforza, Elizabeth of Tudor, and Cather de ’Medici. In fact, these women are what King largely bases her arguments on. She tells the individual stories of these women and how they altered the status quo in their individual countries regarding females. Many of them were a part of the noble class, but she argues that they must be noted when discussing the role of females in the Renaissance. King uses the women that were brought to power in their country to show that women had to have advanced socially in a substantial way to be able to be in positions that men usually held. King makes the final argument that women advanced in the sense that their perception of themselves in relation to the world around them developed into a
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