Gender Analysis : Gender And Gender

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1. Gender performance is what we do to show how we identify ourselves when it comes to gender. As it says in the second slide of the Chapter three PowerPoint, gender isn’t what we do, it’s who we are, and what we become. If you are a guy, you normally dress like a man. Like the example from class you don’t usually see a man wearing a skirt when he attends class or goes to work. This is changes culturally because not all cultures see gender the same way that our culture does. Our culture usually only identifies or accepts male or female. It is only relatively recently that our culture is starting to accept the people who are not cisgender. And even now it depends on the person as to whether they will personally accept them or not. This is also related to doing gender because we do what society says we do depending on what gender we are assigned at birth (Ch. 3 Slide 2). 2. Gender formation starts the second the baby is born. The forming happens when we buy the baby certain clothes, decorate the room a certain way, and even how the baby is treated. Again an example in class worked really well to explain this by saying something about you say certain things to boys and other things to girls. For instance you wouldn’t go up to a little boy and call him pretty. You would say he was handsome or rugged, because that is what our culture deems as socially acceptable. Sometimes it is difficult to tell gender based on biology because sometimes it is hard to tell if the baby doesn’t
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