Gender And Bollywood Music And Film

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Gender and Bollywood Music and Film Bollywood is the Hindi language music and film industry based out of Mumbai, India. It began with the first silent film in 1913 and then escalated from there. Throughout the 1900s, Bollywood was significantly changing and growing. During the 1960s, Bollywood portrayed themes of Indian mafia and the gangster scene, and then in the 1980s and 1990s, it started to revert back to romantic themes. Although Bollywood is based in Mumbai, it is a known industry around the world. Most people have at least heard of the term. This is because Bollywood mixes in many Western influences into its films and music. Bollywood is one of the biggest and largest film industry in the world. Its audience extends from about…show more content…
In songs and music videos, men are more likely to be doing the singing and playing of instruments, and women are most likely to be dancing around the men or in the background. In Bollywood music and film, men and women carry very specific gender roles. Gender roles are expectation of what is appropriate for each sex. Men are supposed to make to be income receivers, be the head of the household, be physically strong, be competitive, and win. They are viewed as leaders, ambitious, assertive, competitive, and dominant. On the other hand, women are supposed to take care of the household, keep a tidy home, be thin, be unassertive, and need to bear children. They are viewed as tender, warm, somewhat childlike, and understanding. The traditional role of a female in Bollywood was to be completely devoted to her husband, and to be just a housewife. However, now the modern role is to be seductive, to go out and party, and to easily able to get into relationships. They wear more revealing outfits, because the more revealing the clothing, the more seductive the woman is. One aspect of Indian Cinema is, “Item Songs.” Item songs are songs in Bollywood films in which women sexy women dance to catchy tunes that usually have a vulgar or double meaning. They almost always have a female lead that is barely dressed and dancing to entertain men. Typically, she is the main woman amongst a large group of men who are all lusting over her. The use of the word
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