Gender And Gender Communication Analysis

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Introduction Communication is when a message is conveyed to one person to another. Communication can be done through words, sounds, signs, and behavior ( While communication sounds to be a simple process, there are factors contributing to the process of communication. Culture influences how individuals communicate, including delivering and receiving the message being communicated. Culture includes many aspects, religious affiliation, nationality, race, social movements, socioeconomic status, and gender (Edwards et al., 2016, p.37). Furthermore, when there is difference in cultures, it can effective communication can be challenging (

Gender Gender plays a role in how individuals communicate with each other. When there is a difference in how individuals communicate it can lead to miscommunication. However, when the differences are acknowledged, methods can be put to use to bridge the differences. While it is important to identify the differences it is also important to recognize the similarities in both genders. Moreover, the similarities can help to ensure effective communication between genders. Additionally, adapting a communication style based on the gender who is present can help with having effective communication. Everything we do starts and ends with
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Some studies say the differences in gender communication is developed over time as individuals are exposed to different experiences associated with communication (Lieberman, 2016). Often times men are seen to dismiss feelings, however when men were surveyed the opposite was found, men do not dismiss feelings. Men do have a different way of conveying those feelings as opposed to women (MacGeorge, 2004). Another similarity was found in a study done by Janet Hyde showed women and men shared the same verbal reasoning. Lastly, it was found women and men are both receptive to receiving advice (Neubert,
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