Gender And Gender Development : How Children Perceive And Develop Their Genders

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This paper explores various articles and their take on how children perceive and develop their genders. The articles explore the ways in which children express themselves and fall into specific gender roles or stereotypes. The manner in which children are gendered and taught to think in gendered terms is looked into as well. This paper also aims to clarify the difference between sex and gender, and the impact that outside forces such as parents, media, school, and society place pressures and rules on how children see themselves and are expected to behave in our culture.

Gender Development: How do Children Come to Understand Gender Roles and

Even before children are brought children are brought into our world, they are being gendered. As soon as parents find out the sex of their baby, they are quick to run off and tell everyone they know that it’s a boy or a girl, and buy blue or pink clothes and decorations for the baby’s room. Boys usually get trains, sports (baseballs, footballs), astronauts, and other “tough” decorations, while a baby girl’s room is usually made up to look like a princess’s dream, with everything pink and frilly. While this may seem innocuous, it sets a precedent at a very early age. Boys “should” be one way, and girls are another – usually the opposite. Does the infant have any idea of what is even happening? Do they even have the concept of gender or sex? People usually use the terms interchangeably, but there is a subtle…
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