Gender And Gender Differences Among Children 's Learning

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As children are raised, they learn about their society and their place in it, which includes suitable behaviors which correspond with their gender identities. The socialization approach to gender differences among children views gender identification and behavior as being based on children’s learning that they will be rewarded for behaviors which are considered appropriate for their sex, but not for those behaviors appropriate to the other sex. (Cherlin 2009) In this essay, I will argue my partner and I’s view of the importance of a less structured approach to teaching children to “do gender”, while also explaining the way in which gender roles will be negotiated in my future family.
In each family, there is a negotiation of gender roles, which also includes a division of labor in the home. The type of work assigned to each family member often corresponds with traditional ideas of gender roles in a heterosexual family. For instance, the father and sons will mow the lawn and take out the trash, while the mother and daughters will cook the meals and do the laundry. As I am in a same-sex relationship, gender roles will be negotiated through a discussion with my partner and will not solely be based on the assumption that certain tasks are appropriate for one gender to complete, while others are not.
In this discussion, we will consider our current occupations. Research suggests that women having less power than men may lead to women making greater sacrifices so that work and…
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