Gender And Gender : Response Paper

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Gender: Response Paper Since the beginnings of time itself, people of all cultures and nations have found themselves enforcing morals, etiquette, and unspoken guidelines on how to live that have been formed through many generations. Many of these “rules” are so engrained in our culture that we do not question them or consider why they exist and how they were formed. Throughout our readings we discussed the concept of gender, one of the most prominent examples of a topic that most do not actively think about. Our discussion began with gender roles and how they are shaped over time in the article “Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes” by Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon. We also addressed the gender spectrum in My Gender Workbook by Kate Bornstein, which proved to be a very useful tool in understanding gender identity. We went on to read about LGBTQ issues with articles including “Americans Still Divided Over Gay Marriage” by David Crary and Emily Swanson which discussed the disagreements between American citizens on the approval of gay marriage. Finally, we discussed feminism with the article “Women’s Studies, Feminism, and the Women’s Movement” by Sheila Ruth. For the purpose of my own reflection, I have chosen to focus my response mainly on the topic of gender roles while still tying in to gender identity, LGBTQ issues, and feminism. As a female in modern society, I would be unjust to say that I have not experienced the effects of gender roles and gender stereotypes created
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