Gender And Gender Roles Have On Human Beings

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This paper will explore the world of gender and its social and cultural importance in western society. focusing more on the discrimination and negative impacts that gender stereotyping and socialized gender roles have on human beings as a whole. This includes the limitations that women and men are living with to this day in their homes, work and school. starting from birth gender shapes everyones world and gives them a glass ceiling that only a few pioneers have hit and shattered in the last few years. (MacQueen, 2003, pg. 2) At home women and men are put into very differing parenting roles based on genitalia instead of personal wants and goals in their respective lives. If a man wants children and enjoy being around them that may put people on edge while with women such behavior is expected and almost a requirement, material instinct must be in all women. In work women and men are intensely separated as men are promoted faster and payed more even if they have the same hours and drive as their female counterparts. While women are expected to have a child or be considered incomplete a career driven bachelor is looked up to as a role model by many. At school, the cornerstone of development and the start to many peoples lives there is such imbedded and differentiating treatment based on what a person is identified as they will get different treatment from everyone that surrounds them in such institutions. This paper will discuss at large the gender discrimination that…
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