Gender And Gender Roles Have On Human Beings

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Abstract This paper will explore the world of gender and its social and cultural importance in western society. focusing more on the discrimination and negative impacts that gender stereotyping and socialized gender roles have on human beings as a whole. This includes the limitations that women and men are living with to this day in their homes, work and school. starting from birth gender shapes everyones world and gives them a glass ceiling that only a few pioneers have hit and shattered in the last few years. (MacQueen, 2003, pg. 2) At home women and men are put into very differing parenting roles based on genitalia instead of personal wants and goals in their respective lives. If a man wants children and enjoy being around them that may…show more content…
There is a difference between being treated equally and being treated fairly, a fact that parents with more than one child will stress. A fact that is untrue because equality with fairness is not true equality. Fairness is being treated based on ones own abilities instead of any previous prejudices, and is an important part of the equality the world strives towards. This is still something very far out of reach though, especially in the area of gender. Despite the progress that has been reached in the last few year things are still not good enough to reach to full equality. 'Gender may mean less today than ever in history . . . but it still means plenty. Boys and girls . . . may be heading today toward the same bright future, but they continue to travel on a divided highway" (MacQueen, 2003, pg. 2) Women are still treated differently, and in many cases worse, than men in many areas based on the old preconception that women and men are fundamentally different and made of different things. Only the other side of the coin Men have very rigid limits to their potential as they are expected to embrace and be the epitome of masculinity, limiting their abilities as parents, friends, teachers and anything they wish to do that isn 't specifically masculine. (Hirsch, 2011, pg. 3) The saying that girls are made of sugar spice and everything nice while boys are made of snips, snails and puppy dog tails is something simple
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