Gender And Gender Roles In The Media

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Since the beginning of early history, the difference in gender has always been important that some religions, cultures, and family beliefs revolve around it. Although the way a person is treated based on their gender may have progressed, there are still many things that continue to be the same. Civilizations has always favored heterosexual relations compared to homosexual couples and even today; companies use heteronormative advertisements to appeal to the audience. While some companies may have co-opted the countercultural movement, advertisements performed by companies still possess heteronormative favoritism by creating ads that show gender standards. Beauty companies are one of the most common examples of businesses accommodating to the gender standards, showing their support for heteronormative roles in the media. In one of Dove’s products, which is known as “Men+Care”, marketed to the male audience even though the product has near to no difference to the women's product besides for the packaging and scent. Dove capitalizes on the fact that females are more known to prefer scents that are more “feminine” such as floral and citruses, unlike men who are supposed to smell “masculine”. The need to use two different names for the company, helps touch on the idea of society creating standards. Dove is more well known to be a company that has a majority of its consumers to be females. While this may be the case, the products that are being made does not necessarily mean it

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