Gender And Gender : The Pay Gap, And Work And Family Balance

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We are born with an assigned sex. This is told when a woman is pregnant goes for a sonogram where the child’s private part at and determined whether it is in fact, a male or a female. Based on our sex, we were stereotyped and told to wear, act and speak a certain way. Gender typing, the pay gap, and work/family balance are all reflective of how society views gender. Gender is what the society or culture describes as masculine or feminine. In this world we are living in, every society has their own expectations for the social role of people of each sex and gender. Society expects a boy to be strong, aggressive and to be manly while girls are to be soft, sweet, and fragile based on their expectations.

As we all know, gender plays a big role. People are influenced by the different types of socialization agents, such as the media, peers, family members and others around them. These agents play a big role in one’s life concerning their gender identity. They have a scene of determining how each gender should be in order to fit in. For example, the media would say in order to look sexy a woman should have straight hair or you should be a size 8 in order to look sexy.

At an early age, a child becomes aware of his gender type, based on his gender he is told how to behave and how to socialize with others around him. This is not only learned at home but in fact in school, churches. Because the society classifies the gender type when one becomes independent and find a job, he would

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