Gender And Gender Violence

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Gender-based violence is the unequal power relationships between men and women. It includes rape, sexual assault and harassment, domestic abuse, and stalking. Gender violence reflects the idea that violence is often used to uphold structural gender inequalities. Gender violence includes all types of violence against men, women, children, gay, lesbian, and transgender people. Gender violence may be experienced differently based on the social variables of race, age, gender, social class or another area of social inequality. In turn, gender violence can be viewed in a sociological perspective by assessing the relationship between the key inequalities of an individual’s gender, race, and social class.
The most salient factor influencing gender
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This is because key factors that influence gender and domestic violence includes gender roles and stereotyping of men and women. The term gender refers to our cultural programming as feminine or masculine, which are categories created by society rather than by nature. Gender roles define the appropriate social and behavioral norms adopted by men and women in a social setting. Gender roles vary from culture to culture and traditions and roles can change over time, even in the same cultural settings. Gender roles reinforce the notion that housework is women’s work and mechanical/technical jobs are men’s work. Patriarchy promotes the belief that women are innately inferior to men. According to an article titled, Gender Attitudes and Violence Against Women, “in patriarchal societies, girls are socialized to be submissive, docile, and place a high value on emotions and relationships. While boys, in contrast, are socialized to value thinking and performance while being aggressive, dominating, competitive, and avoiding virtually all things feminine” (York, 2011). People who adhere to traditional gender role expectations are more likely to blame female victims of violence more than male perpetrators. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that 33% of women who were homicide victims in recent years was an intimate partner of a male suspect.
Gender violence can also be linked to an individual’s social class. Although, becoming a victim of gender violence can

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