Gender And Gender Within Society

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Gender within Society There is a set of “invisible rules” unique to both men and women. The most effective communication happens when both sexes have a clear understanding of these rules. Men and women function according to different norms and have different views of what is right and wrong; they theoretically have different cultures. Consequently, behavior that is accepted among one gender, may see appalling to the other, and vice versa. Gender throughout society plays multiple roles; gender in the work force, gender in media, and gender in the family. Family is changing noticeably in the recent years. There has been a huge shift, including an increase of divorce, single parents, and older marriage ages. According to research the Families and Research intuitive released in March 2009, the benchmark survey of 3,500 reported that home and work roles are being switched and mixed. The most surprising finding is that women under the age of 29 are just as likely to want jobs with power and responsibility as men, this is the first time this has happened in the annual study. It is common that women are less likely to take jobs with more responsibility because they want more time with their child, or are more focused on their children then their career goals. A study showed that “78 percent of childless women versus 60 percent of women with children wanted jobs with more responsibility” ( Ellen Gillinsky, 9). Due to the fact that such a high percentage of women are not…
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