Gender And Gender Within The American Workforce

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Equality has always been a huge topic at the forefront of America for many years. Whether it is equality for races, religion, gender or sexual orientation, people just desire for life to be equal and fair. Although much has changed and is continuously changing, women still struggle to be seen as equivalent to men in the American workforce. Bound by a wage gap that is bias towards the female species, women have to battle different factors which lead to inequivalent compensation. There are wage gaps stimulating from gender within the American workforce due to caregiving duties; which plays a major role in effecting women’s compensation, along with experience and education being overlooked in comparison to males; a female’s counterpart, and some wage gap issues are just plain out a result of discrimination.
Women are typically the caregivers of the family.
“Females in all societies exhibit more nurturing behavior than males, both inside and outside the family. Throughout the world, women are the primary caretakers of the young, the sick, and the old. Marriage and children have different impacts on men and women. When women marry, and especially after they have children, they tend to reduce their work involvement, whereas men tend to increase theirs.” (Browne & Shiferaw, 2013).
This responsibility often times causes them to accept mediocre jobs and have to juggle a small amount of work with little to no benefits, then going home to take care of the family. The 2011 article,
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