Gender And Memory Essay

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GENDER AND SHORT TERM MEMORY Does Gender Have an Effect on Short Term Memory Capacity?
Short-term memory also known as working-memory is a status in the information –processing that implies active working in current ideas and new information, it capacity is limited and varied from one individual to other. The individual’s limit is known as Working Memory Capacity (WMC) and defines the limit’s differences to perform working memory’s active operations (Reisberg, 2013). Historically memory span have been measured with a digit span task which implies that people are exposed to a series of digits and must repeat them back, then the process is recreated but with a longer list , the process continue until the person start to make errors . The number of digits the person can replicate without mistakes is considered to as the person’s digit span (Reisberg, 2013). A typical number has been assigned to working memory’s capacity and is known thanks to Miller (1956) and his research on memory’s capacity. Miller states that memory can hold 7 plus-or-minus 2 chunks (Miller, 1956) .Another method to measure working memory’s capacity is called operation span , and differs from digit span by measuring working memory capacity in a more natural setting (Reisberg,
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Previous studies suggest an effect of gender on short term memory processing and capacity. In these study we will focus on identify if gender affect short- term memory and the strength of this differences between genders. We hypothesize that our female subjects will prove to have larger short-term memory than our male
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