Gender And Sexuality : A Sociological Perspective

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When I read the chapter heading, I didn 't really know what to expect. I knew it was going to discuss gender and sexuality, but didn 't realize it would dig deeper into different perspectives of gender identity, theories behind gender inequality, and homosexuality. In the closing comments, a review of the chapter, it mentions being able to see cultural and environmental influences from a sociological perspective. I believe this whole chapter of gender and sexuality can be summed up by that comment. Besides historical events and stereotypes, gender and sexuality is heavily influenced by different cultures and the environment. The environment includes sexual and gender crimes, poverty, and health. Culture includes language, family history, and influence from the media. This chapter did so much more than just discuss gender and sexuality, It also created new perspectives and ideas. As an experiment, after reading about gender identity, I said the words 'gender identity ' out loud. This allowed the words to flow deeper into my thought process. Gender identity has been something I have struggled with almost my entire life. I always thought of gender identity as how you classify yourself, or what you wear, makes up your gender identity. After reading this section, gender identity is more than the surface, or a label. It is how you define yourself when it comes to your own sense of gender. There are two different sociological views or perspectives, in regards to gender identity.
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