Gender And Sexuality : High School

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C.J. Pascoe’s presentation of gender issues in high school is centered on her account of her research on River High School. The book presents the high school as a statistically average and culturally normal typical American high school. On this basis, Pascoe uses the account and its analysis to make general claims about gender and sexuality issues in American high schools. Though there comes the question of how typical River High School is terms of gender norms. Comparing the accounts of the school with my own understanding of high schools, and an analysis of these matters, I find reasons for how River High can be considered in some senses typical and in other senses atypical. While there are some ways River High can be considered a typical American high school, there are relevant ways in which it may differ. It is portrayed as a school in a moderate to semi-conservative largely middle class California town, with a racial makeup roughly proportional to state averages. In this sense, it can differ from many schools which in some way differ. The schools across the nation have wide variances income, class, racial, and cultural compositions of their students, and may end up differing in certain aspects from a calculated average. River High can be effected by regional cultural differences, from its social-geographic position in the country. It can also be effected by traits which are unique to their individual school.
Though the most striking difference is the size of its…
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