Gender And Social Conflict Within Gender Specific Institutions

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Gender and Social Conflict that is seen in Gender Specific Institutions
Miranda Shipley
Morningside College

The topics that I have been assigned to study in this specific sociology course that I am currently enrolled in include: gender and social conflict. Other than the assigned textbook for this specific sociology class, entitled Introduction to Sociology, I will also be using the sources entitled Article Tools and Gender and Social Conflict I believe that these sources better allowed me to reflect and explain my experiences at the Planned Parenthood of the Siouxland area through the sociological gender and social conflict lens.
The sociological conflict theory according to Kimberly Moffitt is defined as, “ a
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Do to the similarities in my area of volunteering and my topics, I often found it very easy to perform the required research necessary to adequately analyze these topics. Furthermore, while volunteering at Planned Parenthood of the Sioux Land Area I gained more insight and knowledge then I originally expected. Throughout my volunteer experiences at Planned Parenthood I was given many opportunities to interact with others as well as help those that are in need of medical and emotional assistance. These interactions included but were not limited to filing paperwork, creating visual displays, and restocking pamphlets / brochures, dealing with crowd control/protestors, as well as answering the phones and directing patients to the help in which they needed. Through these simple jobs that I was given at Planned Parenthood I was able to expand and hone in on my communication skills with others. Not only did I have to be able to have conversations with others while volunteering, I also had to be able to listen to what others had to say and find ways to help and direct them. Do to the type of patients that Planned Parenthood of the Siouxland aides as well as the procedures that Planned Parenthood and organizations similar to Planned Parenthood perform on their patients, there were many times that I was able to learn about my individual values and belief in regards to the field of female reproductive health. Prior to volunteering at this specific organization
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