Gender And Sports Media Analysis

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This study analyzes how female and male athletes are portrayed in media coverage of the Summer Olympic Games. Beliefs about female athletes reflect gender in society. Jones, Murrell, and Jackson (1999) found that female athletes in male sports used frequent male-to-female comparisons and comments that had little to do with sports or the athletes performance. Sports broadcasters become conformed to a central belief that women are not as athletic as their male counterparts, so are often stereotyped as not athletic. Compare to female athletes in female sports focused more on performance, but still reinforcing female stereotypes. Billings, Angelini, and Duke’s (2010) as cited in Sage (1998) argues that organized sport has been a powerful cultural arena for reinforcing the ideology and actuality of male superiority and dominance. Also demonstrating traditions that subordinate women in society.
One of the areas of sports media were women receive substantial exposure is in Olympic telecasts.The summer and winter …show more content…

It proved once again that the “biggest show on television” is the Olympics. This increases the participation of women and there continueing development to create an equal non stereotyped atmosphere for both men and women. Billings, Angelini, MacArthur, Bissell, Smith, and Brown (2014) as cited in Billings (2008) reveals despite the large number of women athletes participating, females are described by sportscasters in different manners then males, ranging from the reasons attributed to wins and losses to develop backgrounds, personalities, and physiques within competition. The study revealed that longitudinally, the dialogic differences are not consistent from one set of Olympics games to another. This large global event creates more in depth responses about gender in sports media at its most fundamental

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