Gender And Technology Has Become A Important Factor Within Today 's Society

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Gender and technology has become a very important factor within today’s society, as it reflects upon the overlaps between gender, digital technologies and democracy. Technology has presented both genders in provocative ways that tends to lead to sexual harassment and then for political action to end gender based violence. This then becomes essential and fundamental to the working of and towards a healthy democracy. The term Cyberfeminism has been developed throughout the previous years as feminists who are interested in exploiting with technologies, such as the Internet and cyber-space think it is a vehicle of freedom from the dissolution of sex and gender. An example of online digital media that illustrates the case of gender of Cyberfeminism is the online media campaign called “Free The Nipple.” This essay will firstly describe this cyberfeminism campaign and how it is relevant towards gender and technology. Then it will examine how digital media can be used as a form of resistance against stereotypes and ideological assumptions in relation to the role of women in contemporary society. Thus the difference between men and women become relevant to these media phenomena and is of importance for gender patterns when considering it in relation to the Internet. (Bimber, 3)

On December 12th, 2014, was the initial release of “Free The Nipple” campaign, which is and/or was targeting all kinds of women from around the world to empower them and to be apart of the equality movement.

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