Gender And The Fear Of Crime. Through Articles Published

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Gender and the fear of crime Through articles published it is noted that young males are more likely to be victims of crime, it is women who are more likely to report fear of crime. While the articles used in this research agree that women are more fearful of crime than men, men may have several reasons why they are reluctant to seem to be fearful of crime. (Sutton, 2004). For example, the reluctance to report could be the fear of further victimisation from authorities (police), by going over the series of events, (Kidd and Chayet, 1984) or for some men the thought of losing their masculinity as they say, ‘boys don’t cry’ (Goodey, 1997) As (Newburn, 2013) distinguished, fear of crime is fundamental, but often deceptive concept to the…show more content…
It was discussed in The Guardian in 2016 “many people feel safe after dark; fear stops some from venturing out” (Duncan, P and Fishwick, C, 2016) this could be a fact especially with women as it was discussed that some women “do not feel as strong”, so therefore unable to defend themselves like a man would (Duncan, P and Fishwick, C, 2016). However, whilst asking people if they feel fear whilst walking alone at night it should be noted that some individuals rarely walk alone after dark because of personal preference, so therefore does not give a true reflection of fear of crime or actual crime. (Roberts,B, 2014). Furthermore, women who do venture out at night may make sure they are accompanied. (Walklate, 2003). The crime survey from April 2015 to March 2016 with 8,385 participants showed that only 8% felt very unsafe of walking home alone after dark, but this does not define, what is after dark? (time). After dark also varies with seasons of the year which has not been defined in the survey. This research did not identify gender difference for feeling very unsafe of walking home alone after dark. (, 2017) Crime Survey Crime is measured through statistics in England and Wales through the crime survey (CSEW)and police recorded crime data. (, 2017) The crime survey is conducted on victims of
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